About us
Through personal family experiences in overseas immigration and investment, our team of Vietnamese and foreign partners at Resident Global understand new challenges and rewards while relocation and investment in a new and developed market. Resident Global was established to identify the needs of Private Clients and their families while seeking for opportunity to immigrate and to invest in different countries around the world.

Resident Global was originated as a brand under Resident Asia, a leading inbound Relocation and Immigration management service provider in Indochina, including Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos since 2002. Within a year, Resident Global proves its own rapid & potential growth and becomes an independent entity.

We are now expanding our portfolio from providing outbound immigration solutions to other professional services towards Private Clients’ needs and demands including: Property Investment, Property Management, Tax Planning, and Wealth Management.
OUR Services
1. Outbound Immigration Services
Provide immigration consulting services and solutions under Investment and Entrepreneur programs in three regions:
2. Property Investment Consultancy
Provide consulting services in investment, re-investment, property lease and management in countries such as: Portugal, Canada, USA, and many others
3. Wealth Management for Private Clients
Provide consultancy, advice and assistance in investment portfolio, establish a legal entity overseas, tax planning, re-structure and diversify assets prior to obtaining new citizenship.
an international team with diversified experiences
Our founders made of an international team with diversified experiences in business operation in investment, property and immigration experts. Together with our highly-trained supporting team, Resident Global is confident in bringing clients our best customized expertise.

Our service principal combines local understanding and dedicated expertise in international ethical and legal standards. We will bring a suitable immigration solution to Private Clients tailored to their family’s needs.
Chairman of The Broad - Founder
With more than 15 years of operating and managing in HR and legal consulting services for international investment corporations in Vietnam, Mrs. Tran Nguyen has accumulated knowledge and experience in management, combining legal conditions in developed countries with administrative requirements in Vietnam. At Resident Global, she focuses on developing management support services, investment advisory and tax and asset planning for Vietnamese individual investors. This is a long-standing service industry and is extremely important for wealthy individuals in developed countries. Resident Global is proud of pioneering in this field in Vietnam, anticipating the need for global investment with high income; legal, stable and effective tax for individual investors.
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Member of Management Council - Investment Director
Mrs. Linh Tran has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment and management. She always gives customers useful and timely information through a deep understanding of the real estate market. With ingenious marketing capabilities combined with sensitive trading and market analysis skills, she is a trusted companion of customers during the process of buying and selling real estate. Her customer relationship is built on respect, trust and understanding. She and her team including experienced architects and contractors work together to meet the needs of customers. The dedication to the customers' expectations helped her bring great values beyond a single transaction.
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